Progressive Palette

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Attilio D’Agostino - Photographer


“Taking the fashion industry’s lead, Pantone has combined its typical male/female color theories into one 10-color unisex palette that mirrors the progressive lack of gender separation in fashion and beyond. Pantone’s choice to take a stand on the gender equality front comes as no surprise. The company has long been a respected entity in the world of fashion and design, pinpointing what consumers can expect to see each year based on the most current societal and runway trends.

Designers and artists alike are encapsulating their creativity in new ways this year, pushing the boundaries of seasonal norms and taking a slower, more intentional approach to their collections. The art and fashion worlds have rarely been as simpatico as they are today, showcasing work that mirrors the conflicts (war, refugees and politics) and the needs (relaxation, tranquility and peace) of humanity as a whole. The world of fast fashion has also affected the flow, inspiring some designers (most notably Rebecca Minkoff and Burberry) to literally hit the brakes on releasing collections seasons in advance. Whatever the reason, fashion has always reflected the social and political climate and can be a valuable driver of change and progress.

Not to mention, slowing down is oh, so chic.”

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles