Grand Center Arts District 

Production ︎ Creative Direction︎Brand Development

Grand Center Arts District

Creative Lead

Daniel Wilson - Director + Editor
Darren Streibig - Director of Photography


Grand Center Arts District is a vibrant epicenter of entertainment in St. Louis and the Midwest. Home to over 60 arts and cultural organizations, and known as the center of the modern jazz renaissance, Grand Center needed a way to share its unique story as a destination that nurtures artists, chefs, musicians, and creatives from “prep to performance.”
To build this story, I called on a filmmaking team who I knew could help me bring this vision to life: Daniel Wilson and Darren Streibig. Their impressive expertise (Lexus is a client) and commitment to authentic storytelling was exactly what Grand Center needed to express the excitement and magic of their neighborhood in a short form video.

From concept to execution, Daniel, Darren and I researched, interviewed, prepped, and storyboarded a concept that gives the viewer an expanded look into the arts district - through the eyes of the folks who experience it, every day.


Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles